The Chamber connected with experts in branding, city redevelopment and city revitalization to assist in developing a strategy for improving our city’s identity. A plan was developed including recommendations that are being executed locally to improve our brand identity


The Chamber facilitated collaboration by involving a broad spectrum of community stakeholders – including local businesses, investors, artists, government and civic leaders, historians, non-profits, healthcare organizations, educators, and the tourism industry. The Chamber conducted stakeholder meetings, a community wide survey, and interviews to help define what we wanted to be known for as a city.


Project research and input from the community was assimilated to create a plan to initiate 20 ideas by 2020 to strengthen the identity of the City of Redding. This phase included defining areas we could invest in to improve how Redding sounds, looks and the way people feel about the city so that we could begin to build a better story. 


The Chamber collaborated with partner organizations and local businesses to begin the implementation of the new brand identity strategy.